Country Value Woodworks

9032 Crossway Desk

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A classy student desk that comes standard with 2 USB charging ports in the Keyboard drawer and a file drawer that will hold either legal or letter-sized files. Add more power ports with an optional power hub with AC/USB ports in the top or add an optional power strip discreetly inside.


  • Keyboard drawer

  • Standard Dual USB charging ports in keyboard drawer

  • File drawer for legal or letter-sized files

  • Wiring hole in top with wooden grommet

  • Optional: H-L3 Power Hub (1 AC 2 USB) in top and/or a P-6 Power strip (6 AC) inside the kneehole

Overall dimensions: 20”D x 50”L x 30”H

Kneehole dimensions: 18”D x 30”L x 25¾”H

9032 Crossway Desk on sale in Helena, MT at Rucker's Furniture